Company Profile

Key Informations:

Name of Company  : Reva Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Govt. License No    : 1070/073/074


Managing Director: Shyam Shrestha
Contact: +977 9851119680
Address: Koteshwor-35, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Telephone: Tel: +977 1 5199496, 5199311
Paid up Capital: Five Million (50, 00,000)
Banker: Prabhu Bank
Office of Company Register: 159417/073/074
PAN (Department of Internal Revenue): 60 43 60 92 0
Working Countries: Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,Macau, Japan, and other Government authorized countries.


   Associated Companies:
•   Peace Technical Training Centre
   •    Subhasudha Medical Pvt. Ltd.
   •    Hotel Training Institute
   •    Price Air travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd.



  • Nepal Govt. Dept. of Labour of Employment     Promotion.
  •  Nepal Govt. office of Company Register.
  •  Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies.